Our Family

Our company is owned and managed by my family.

Since my father started his own business in 1975, we never stopped producing doors, year after year, following the changes in trend and market demand.

Since our foundation we have always been an export oriented company.

The German market, highly demanding in terms of quality and service, has been for many years our reference, and thanks to it, we have learned how to be both a high quality and flexible manufacturer.

Good quality and flexibility are the strengths that have allowed us to expand successfully in other countries, such as the traditional France, the innovative Scandinavia, the lively United Kingdom, the classical wooden Irish and the contemporary US markets.

The Company

Here at DelVi we are proud about our work. We manufacture doors and furniture components to our clients own specification, in small to medium batch quantities.

Where necessary we help advise our clients to develop products that meet their requirements.

As a manufacturer we hold raw material in stock that is then machined when our client places the order. By doing this we can produce reasonable size batches in a reasonable lead time.

Although we are able to make doors in high volume, we have chosen a market that needs 800-1200 pieces at a time. By concentrating our efforts in this area we feel that we can meet our clients requirements on a consistent basis.


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