Solid Timber Doors

We are able to supply a range of solid timber and veneered doors for kitchens and bathrooms.

Our beautiful doors are created using carefully selected timber including oak, ash and walnut in both modern and traditional styles.

We also supply doors with the popular 'in-frame' style, designed to meet your specific requirements.

For more information contact our Commercial team.

DelVi Srl - manufacturer and supplier of timber kitchen doors and kitchen furniture.

Veneered Doors

Veneered doors come in many shapes, starting with a composite substrate which is over-veneered and then edged in matching material before finishing.

Alternatively, the core can be lipped in solid wood and then shaped before pressing the veneer to give a soft saponetta look.

Using the same technology one edge can have a larger lipping that is then machined to form an integrated handle.

As an option the face of the panel can be a contrasting laminate surface to give a different look.

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