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Conventionally made oak door with a solid raised and fielded centre panel. The door is first finished in a cream colour and then washed with a gold paint that is wiped into the open grain, the door is then patinated in gold before its final coat. Traditional solid oak door with a swept arch at the top and a complementary solid centre panel. The door is brushed to open up the structure and then limed so that the grain is defined with the white liming paste. More contemporary version of a traditional oak door with a clean look. The step in the raised and fielded panel shows the full character of the door. The finish is achieved with a light stain to show the grain. The door above is constructed from selected ash that has been chosen for its colour and grain. The door is made using a French mitre cut and held together with 4 dowels at each joint. The ash is bleached to give uniformity in colour.

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